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Friends Only
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friends only

just want to use me for my art?
"Friends Only" ...  er, random web acquaintances only? 

+ F-locking makes me feel more free in what I can write (or ramble)
+ Comment if you think we have things in common ...
+ I'll add you. We'll chat. Fun will be had.

In the Vernacular; a review
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I feel I should preface by saying lately I've been feeling my writing degree slipping into oblivion, inches away from my gameboy, those shoes that aren't quite cute enough to make up for the fact that they pinch my feet and the idea that I will ever give up diet soda. In other words: pointless. In an effort to avoid falling victim to the 'use it or lose it' phenomenon, which I can already feel creeping in (I'm pretty sure there are way too many commas in that opening sentence), I felt the need to write something - anything - beyond 140 characters, beyond the bullet points and the "OMG's".


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I'm super bummed to hear we're approaching another hiatus, this time due to Baseball. One more reason to remain a girlie cliche and say "I just don't get watching sports." Let's go shoe shopping and sip on diet soda.

Bones Friending Meme
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hiatus got you down?

let's talk about it.

The "I'm in Withdrawal, I Need Friends"


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Public Pimping Post
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So, half of the Whedon fans on my friends list I got FROM this community, but -- to the other half of you:

An interactive challenge comm centered around all things Jossverse. There are ART, WRITING, GAME, and ocassionally VID challenges. Pretty much something for everyone.

I joined back in December and must say it has filled all my real life procrastination and still-can't-let-shows-cancelled-years-ago-go needs.

So hurry up, join WHEDONLAND TEAM FIREFLY* before the next apocalypse starts.

* I suppose "in theory" there are other teams to join - Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse - that are almost as awesome as Team Firefly if you swing that way.

GET A TEAM HERE @ whedonland :)

We interrupt this post for a short commercial break
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I apologize in advance for a pointless, spammy entry, but:

Abed: (on how to do a Jeff impersonation) 10% Dick Van Dyke, 20% Sam Malone, 40% Zach Braff on Scrubs, and 30% Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry.
Jeff: (offended) ... Zach Braff?
Abed: Sorry.

WATCH COMMUNITY! It's the $%^!

Brenda's a spiteful coke drinker
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Has anyone seen this Pepsi commercial?

It makes me happy.

I'm not 8 anymore, why can't I sleep?
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hope everyone has a good one!

Man love
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I don't want to be normal like you.
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So my mothers day was a bust, how was yours? Have some quality bonding time with family?
Like I said mine bit, my sister and I got mad at eachother and that was the end of that. See I came into my moms room where my sister was to see if they were ready to go to dinner yet, I sit down on the couch to wait and I ask if they're watching what was on the TV - no. So I start to channel surf, I try MTV but ew it's the 25 hottest people under 25 special and I am so not in that mood so I flip it to VH1 and my sister says something to the effect of "Turn back, she cut her hair I want to see it." she being Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. So gah, I turn it back so she can see the hair cut. And now she says "Turn it up I can't hear" So I do so with a groan, because I so did not want to watch that shit and why does she need to hear what's being said to see the friggen hair cut, I didn't turn back so we could watch the Olsen twins talk about how awesome Justin Timberlake is. Then after the groan I get a "What's your problem?!" -- Well I DON'T want to watch this for one. And I was the one who was watching TV not her, she said she wasn't watching it so I decided I'd channel surf. Then I get the "I don't have cable at my house" crap. WTF do I have to I have to hear that EVERYTIME she visits. It's not my fault she doesn't have cable. She had cable the whole time she was living here (until she was 22) I've had cable the whole time I've been living here (18 years) so if you really want to get technical here she's had the cable experience 4 years longer than me. And who the hell cares, it was a dumbass arguement but I say "I don't even want to go to this place" - where we're eating dinner so she responds "SO DON'T GO! You're being a bitch." Dude, get over yourself. Maybe I was (which I don't even see), but if I was she sure as hell was too - so hypocrisy much. So I'm like "fine" I have no friggen problem not going, so I go to my room. My mom comes in a little later to try to convince me to go. Gah. I am so not eating with her. So then my mom's upset, and she's not going to go if I'm not going to go because it defeats the purpose or something and blah blah blah. So my mom and I end up going to the grocery store and Jenny and I still aren't talking - she was gone when I got back.

This guy asked me if I wanted to play softball with him and his friends today, but I said no because it was mothers day, etc. I wish I had gone. Except he's 15 and his friends are 15 and I'd feel like some weird chaparone (sp?) or something. But damn, it probably would have been better than what resulted in staying here.

On the upside I did get a copy of spiderman at Wallmart, It was only 9 bucks. I'll watch that tonight. I also got veggie dogs and ice cream sandwiches.

You're taffy!! You're a clever and kind person,
but you tend to hold grudges. You are not big
on dishing out forgiveness.

Which kind of candy are you?
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You are nuerotic and depressed, it doesn't mean that you are sad.
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Joan of Arcadia was pretty good tonight. Though I kind of didn't understand Joan's freak-out of the week. Normally I think they're pretty well based but the whole time I was going "What?" -- I guess I understood what she was saying, I just think she over reacted a tad. In the end when Adam brought over all of those movies was awesome though. Liked seeing Kimberly McCullough, I hope they have her on again.

Friends on Thursday. Sad but good. I liked how it ended with them all together, but with Joey the spin-off it's going to mess that all up. Too bad we can't see Monica and Chandler trying to handle raising two babies though, because that'd be hilarious. Wish I had been able to Catch the Leno special, from what I hear it was verra funny.

Went to the bookstore tonight, got Slaughterhouse 5 (vonnegut) & High Fildelity (hornby), and then made a mental note of about 10 other books that looked interesting. I wish I was rich, until then there's the library.

I have enrollment for college June 25th. How cool is that? We get to figure out our schedules and get our student ID's that day. That makes it so much more real, it's all very cool.